A Thousand Wishes by Cathrine Wilhelmsen

A Thousand Wishes

“Don’t pick that one, sweetheart. It’s a weed,” she hears a voice say. Then the voices, the hand and her best friend disappear. A weed? What can that be? Lucy wonders.

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Raised by bees, Lucy has grown from an excited little seed into a tall flower with a soft hat that looks like the sun.

She loves living in the field with all her beautiful, multicolored friends. They have fun together in every weather.

But one day, Lucy's best friend Florian is taken away by a huge hand. And then another, and another. Soon, Lucy is all alone in the once beautiful field.

The weather isn't as fun as it used to be. The sun doesn't feel so bright, and why sway in the wind when there is no-one to sway with? But perhaps Lucy still has an important role to play.

Adorned with quirky and charming illustrations, A Thousand Wishes is a sweet story about growing up, being different and not to everyone's liking -  and the importance of seeing a person's value beyond first impressions.