Julia and the Northern Lights ebook

Julia and the Northern Lights ebook

“Her brother Yul had once told her that, if you think about something hard enough, you might just be able to make it happen.”


Julia has been waiting for this night her whole life: she is finally old enough to help her father Santa Claus deliver presents on Christmas Eve.


But after a series of mishaps, Julia finds herself left behind again. Not only is she sad not to be helping, but with less and less snow on the ground each year, she knows Santa will find it harder than ever to make sure every child gets a present.


The evening turns from sad to strange with the appearance of Ola, a boy who claims to bring a message from the Queen of the Northern Lights herself. The queen can solve her father’s problems, but first Julia must travel into the dark and frozen Land of the North to meet her.


Will Julia stay home where she is safe, or plunge into the unknown to help her father?


Filled with soft, dreamy illustrations, Julia and the Northern Lights is a moving story about bravery, determination, and working together to make the world better for everyone.

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