The Pearl Whisperer ebook

The Pearl Whisperer ebook

When everyone had sat down, there was still one chair empty.

“Is someone else coming?” Julius asked. “Who’s going to sit on that chair?”

“Ah, that one! That’s the chair for The One Who Is Always Missing. But They are never here anyway, so we can just start the party.”

The Lord of Mist cast purple fog from his sleeve. The fog now lay over the chair, so that Julius could no longer see it.


Julius sits in his room and wants to draw, but his crayons have stopped working. He is afraid and sad and tries to remember exactly what his father has told him – he knows it was something important.


Suddenly, a girl appears in the glass ball that Julius’ grandparents have given him for Christmas. His mother has said it was magical, but Julius didn’t really believe her. And yet, he soon finds himself inside the glass ball together with the girl, who tells him they must find the colorsprights which have disappeared from his crayons. Only then will Julius remember what his father has said. Together they head on a journey in which reality and fantasy exist happily side by side, and nothing is as it first appears.


Will Julius find the colorsprights and remember what his father told him? What in all the world are colorspright? And who exactly is the Pearl Whisperer?


The Pearl Whisperer is a book about all the emotions that live within us, and the journey on which they take us. Julius sets out on a long and dangerous journey which will ultimately help him process his feelings about his father’s important message.


The Pearl Whisperer is also about the reassuring power of friendship, and about how brave and wise two little people - and a rather moody parrot - can be.


Written by Cathrine L Wilhelmsen

Illustrations by Petter Winther

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